Two (or more) partition on USB flash drive

Sometimes we need split large storage on USB stick to get FAT32 file system (for some TV or old operation systems).

You can do it with windows utility – diskpart.

Run command prompt with admin rights. Enter diskpart. List available disk and find you USB stick:

list disks

Select required disk

select disk 2

Add new primary partition with limited size (in megabytes, 4GB for example). You can choose up to 16GB partition for FAT32 with backward comparability with old operation systems.

create partition primary size=4096

Format it after selection (and assign drive letter).

select partition 1
format fs=fat32 quick
assign letter (drive letter)

Exit from diskpart and enter again. Select disk from last operation and create second primary partition with remaining size.

create partition primary

Format second partition from diskpart after selection (and assign drive letter).

select partition=2
format fs=exfat quick
assign letter (drive letter)


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