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RRAS configuration export/import

Some times RRAS can`t route traffic from VPN clients to internal network after server restart. You can create startup script to re-apply RRAS config at startup to restore correct functionality of RRAS server.

You need previously export “clean” RRAS config (when RRAS not configured) by running “netsh dump” at command promt and save this listing to file (for example C:rras_clean_config.txt). Then configure RRAS as need and export config again (for example to C:rras_work_config.txt).

At last create command file (for exampe C:rras_reset_config.cmd) with next commands and configure start this script at server startup with admin rights:

:: Disable RRAS settings
netsh exec rras_clean_config.txt
:: Set RRAS auto startup type
sc config RemoteAccess start= auto
:: Stop RRAS (if started)
net stop RemoteAccess
:: Apply RRAS work settings
netsh exec rras_work_config.txt
:: Set RRAS auto startup type
sc config RemoteAccess start= auto
:: Start RRAS
net start RemoteAccess

Note: You should put thees three files to one folder.

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